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            Global trustworthy construction machinery solution service provider!
            Earth-moving Solutions
            Earth-moving Solutions
            XCMG earth-rock engineering construction equipment covers XCMG 1t - 12t full-series loaders, XCMG K-series skid loaders, XCMG K-series backhoe loaders, and XCMG D-series 1.5t - 49 t full-series crawler excavators, 6 t - 21 t wheel excavators, providing customers with a complete set of earth-rock engineering construction solutions.
            • Wheel Loader
              Wheel Loader
              XCMG wheel loaders, featured by strong joint operation ability, wide vision, safety and comfort, are widely used in mines, ports, coals and other severe working conditions.
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            • Crawler Hydraulic Excavator
              Crawler Hydraulic Excavator
              XCMG crawler hydraulic excavators, with smooth operations and energy-saving and efficient characteristics, greatly improve the machine comfort & safety based on the “people oriented” principle, and are widely used in various severe construction conditions.
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            • Skid-steer Loader
              Skid-steer Loader
              XCMG skid-steer loaders, mainly applied in working conditions with narrow space and frequent operation changes, are widely used in infrastructure construction, loading and unloading in wharves, urban streets and other earth-rock work occasions, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment of large-scale construction machinery.
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            • Wheel Hydraulic Excavator
              Wheel Hydraulic Excavator
              XCMG wheel hydraulic excavators, characterized by energy saving & environmental protection, high construction efficiency and strong mobility, are widely used in municipal construction, road maintenance and other construction sites.
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            • Telescopic Boom Forklift Loader
              Telescopic Boom Forklift Loader
              XCMG telescopic boom forklift loaders, with characteristics of compact structure, beautiful shape and flexible operation, are widely used in agriculture, biological power plant, energy recovery, water conservancy engineering, industrial construction and other fields.
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            • Backhoe loader
              Backhoe loader
              XCMG backhoe loaders, characterized by strong power, strong operation ability and fast transfer speed, are widely used in municipal, water conservancy, highway and other operations.
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