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            Global trustworthy construction machinery solution service provider!
            Transportation Equipment
            Transportation Equipment
            XCMG Heavy Truck Co., Ltd. is committed to creating complete set of transportation solutions for customers. At present, it has HANVAN G9, HANVANG7, HANVAN G5, Qilong T3, Ruilong Z and off-highway product platforms, covering heavy truck services of the main logistics vehicle market, engineering vehicle market and special vehicle market of the national economy.
            • HANVAN Truck Tractor
              HANVAN Truck Tractor
              HANVAN truck tractors use the world's advanced technology widely. The safety, reliability, comfort, vehicle modeling, ergonomics and refinement reach the international advanced level.
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            • HANVAN Cargo Truck
              HANVAN Cargo Truck
              HANVAN cargo trucks, with excellent platform design concept used, cover three main trucks (4x2, 6x2, and 8x4) and can meet various modification needs.
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            • HANVAN Dump Truck
              HANVAN Dump Truck
              HANVAN dump trucks are equipped with first-class engineering dump truck chassis. Standard-load version, composite version, heavy-duty version, and super heavy-duty version products preferentially select Weichai, Fastre, and Hand gold power chains, with the multi-power conversion function cooperated, and are economic and reliable.
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            • HANVAN Truck with Crane
              HANVAN Truck with Crane
              HANVAN truck with crane, with the integrated design concept and a variety of drive types used, can meet needs of garden seedlings, logistics lifting, production & manufacturing, engineering assistance, urban construction, and infrastructure construction.
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            • HANVAN Mixer Truck
              HANVAN Mixer Truck
              HANVAN mixer truck uses the most advanced technology among China and Germany. The chassis and upper assembly are manufactured in an integrated way to control the height of the center of gravity and improve the lateral stability; reasonable wheel base distribution according to the volume can help ensure reasonable distribution of the center of gravity and improve the driving stability.
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            • Off-highway Wide-body Dump Truck
              Off-highway Wide-body Dump Truck
              XCMG off-highway wide-body dump trucks are widely used in open-pit mining, water conservancy construction, port short-distance transportation, mountain removing and sea filling and other construction projects. These dump trucks can apply to quite complex working conditions, compared with traditional dump trucks.
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