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            Global trustworthy construction machinery solution service provider!
            XCMG is committed to providing professional and complete sets of air rescue solutions for global customers. With years of technical accumulation, XCMG has formed four categories of climbing, elevating, aerial ladder and firefighting, with more than 60 products. In 2017, it launched a new generation of V5 series firefighting trucks. Elevating fire trucks’ sales volume leads the market for many years, and has become the leader in the firefighting industry.
            • Aerial Platform Fire Truck
              Aerial Platform Fire Truck
              Aerial platform fire trucks include multi-functional, conventional and compact trucks. These fire trucks are widely used in towns, mines, oil fields and factories and other high-rise buildings and rescue work and can be the first choice to put out the fire of medium and high-rise buildings, rescue people in distress and rescue property.
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            • Water Tower Fire Truck
              Water Tower Fire Truck
              Water tower fire trucks include heavy, conventional and petrochemical models. In 2017, we launched V5-series JP62S1 and JP62S2 industrial large flow water tower fire trucks. The truck is equipped with the safety protection device, 100 m wireless remote control function, real-time fire monitoring system, and other advanced functions.
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            • Aerial Ladder Fire Truck
              Aerial Ladder Fire Truck
              The aerial ladder fire truck, characterized by fast and efficient rescue, flexible mobility and complete fire-fighting functions, is a medium and high-rise firefighting vehicle with both high-altitude rescue and fire-fighting functions. This truck is equipped with a rapid hoisting system, which can greatly improve the truck rescue efficiency and safety.
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            • Fire-extinguishing Water Tanker
              Fire-extinguishing Water Tanker
              Fire-extinguishing water tankers are fire trucks equipped with fire pumps and water tanks, and with water as the extinguishant. This truck is not only equipped with the function of low-pressure and large-flow firefighting ability, but also can be equipped with the elevating fire truck for coupling operations, can meet firefighting requirements of urban buildings, factories, residential buildings and shopping malls.
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            • Urban Main Fire Truck
              Urban Main Fire Truck
              Urban main fire trucks are practical, intelligent, safe and multi-functional. Urban main fire trucks, on the basis of compressed air fire-extinguishing foam tanker and fire-extinguishing foam tanker, are equipped with the traction function, power generation and lighting functions, and large capacity equipment boxes, and are the first vehicle for city emergency rescue.
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            • Emergency Rescue Fire Truck
              Emergency Rescue Fire Truck
              The emergency rescue fire trucks are those mainly equipped with rescue equipment, truck with crane or truck forklift with the hoisting function, winch and lighting system, and are used to deal with the rescue work at the disaster site.
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